What information is needed for the missing attractions form?

In the missing attractions form, you should fill out the correct attraction name, the type of attraction from the drop down menu, the status of the attraction from the drop down menu, and enter any other notes that may help us to approve your addition.

  • Attraction Name
    This should be the 'local' name for the ride (i.e. do not translate into English!). Please use capitalisation as appropriate, and include any determiner words that are part of the name (i.e. The Smiler).

  • Attraction Type
    This should be one of the selected options:
  • Unknown
    If you're unsure what the ride is, select this
  • Rollercoaster
    Any kind of ride that uses track and trains
  • Water
    Any kind of ride where the predominant feature is water, such as a log flume, splash battle, river rapids, or river boats.
  • Other
    These are your typical 'flat' rides that don't fit in above, with the exception of seasonal and transport rides.
  • Transport
    The primary job of these rides is to get your somewhere, rather than being an attraction itself. Usually includes skyrides, cable cars, monorails and trains.
  • Seasonal
    Any kind of ride that only appears at a certain time of year - things such as halloween scare mazes, or winter ice rinks.
  • Status
    This should either be 'Open' (i.e. the attraction is currently available to ride), or 'Closed/SBNO' (i.e. the attraction has been removed, or no longer operates). Use the notes field to elaborate further to the team.

  • Notes
    Finally, any kind of supporting information for the team is always a real help.

You can click the + and - buttons to log how many times you rode the attraction for your trip, which will be added to your ridecount (and there is no longer any need to come back later after the ride is approved to add it to your trip!).

Should you need to add more than 10 missing rides to your trip, you will need to save your trip, and then edit it once again from the 'my ridecount' trips view.

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