How do I add a missing attraction to a park?

If an attraction (previous or current) is missing from a park in our database, you can request to have the attraction added through the site when you log a trip.

Please check carefully that the missing attraction is not already listed - you may need to tick/check the 'Show un-approved attractions' or 'Show closed attractions' checkboxes in the attractions listing to be able to see all attractions. 

If you still cannot see the attraction, you can scroll to the end of the trip edit page, and there is a large box with the heading 'Attraction Missing?' that contains a button to launch the missing attraction form.

You can submit as many missing attractions as you like, and you can also track any rides on those attractions immediately. The missing attraction report will also be reviewed by our team, and if satisfied it will be approved for everyone. If there is a problem, we may edit the suggestion further, or merge/combine it with another attraction if it is duplicated.