Why do some trips have attractions for Walt Disney Studios Paris listed under Disneyland Park Paris?

Due to a previous data issue, the attractions for Walt Disney Studios at Paris were incorrectly listed and included with Disneyland Park Paris, inferring that it was a single park/complex.

We noticed this error after a user report, and have since now separated Walt Disney Studio attractions into their own park away from Disneyland Park, with all of the incorrect attractions now marked as closed/removed on Disneyland Park listing.

As there was a number of trips incorrectly logged this way, we are currently looking at the possibility of an automated tool to correct this data, and create a second trip for anyone who logged a Walt Disney Studios attraction on a trip to Disneyland Park. However until this tool is implemented, the attractions are simply closed/removed on Disneyland Park to preserve anyone who had logged a trip in the incorrect format.

We will update further once the data separation tool has been implemented and run on the data.

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